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Fans of X-Factor Contestant Amy Connolly


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08.10.08 Message from: Phil Hardy (producer)
support_message: Hi Amy,very sad you didn't get through.

13.10.08 Message from: Shane
support_message: Hiya!! Jus wana say i thought you were brill on xfactor...you seem such a nice girl and your voice actually blows me away. Your version of there'll you be.....waw!!

12.11.08 Message from: your cuzan emily mac xxxxxx
support_message: love ya amy yor a star xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

19.11.08 Message from: Clive
support_message: Amy - It was such a pity you didnt make the final 12 but hope you never give up on your dream. look at Alexandra who was in the same position as you yet she returned two years later to be a real front runner in this years contest.
You are a very pretty girl but you have an inner beauty too a genuiness that shines through. I wish you every success for the future - nothing would please me more than seeing you on a future series of X factor. With whats happened in you life Im sure you are one of lifes survivors ! x

26.11.08 Message from: Adam
support_message: Amy ur performance was something words cant explain. Something i cant put into words. Everything about it. The raw feeling....the fact you meant every single word that u sang. I recently lost my granfether...in the last hours of sunday morning. And the first time we saw you my mum asked for the song. My grandfather suffered from cancer and he knew he was terminal but when my mum heard u sing u really pulled at the string heart and she had ur song as her ringtone. and when i got told he passed away in hospital....i didnt really get on with him but i listened to ur audition ovr and over and over again and i have since he died because i feel that no matter who it is.......... you should respect them in the best way you can. and as much as we didnt get on (and even if we did) i could never pick any singer in the world who cuould of showed such emotion through words as you did. Iyll keep listening until the pain goes away. Youve got an extrodinary voice and im ho!
ping that i hear from you. I work in customer service meself on the phone so i know the job can be pretty naughty....but if u didnt sing that...i would have never found such a heart felt rendition in the whole entire world. I thank you for sharing such compassion in a song. Nobody in the world could of put so much meaning in a song and i really believe that. Every time i see you perform i cry. And i really do every single time and im happy watching it over and over again because it helps me grieve because you mean every single word and at the end of ur audition you can see how much you put into it. Out of the million songs in the world i cudnt ask for a more and you give more than any star can. This is a tribute to how good a singer you are....and iyll not stop watching it because ive never seen so much feeling in my life. You should be proud because you done ur mam proud and the emotion u put in that makes me think of my grandad....and it always will.


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